The Medicine Space

At The Medicine Space we offer week long intensive retreat programs aimed at those seeking to grow beyond their traumas and subconscious patterning and truly claim back their lives. Our approach is focused on marrying the realms of psychology, spirituality, science, creativity and embodiment in-order to deliver the most potent transformations. Our mission is to equip you with the tools to empower yourself to be your own best healer, as we believe this is where true self-sovereignty lies. Join us in 2022!

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Georgie, 32.

For me, The Medicine Process can only be described as life changing!
Booking the retreat pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone to the limit but it’s without doubt the best decision I’ve ever made. I learnt more about myself in 1 week than I have in my entire lifetime. I came home with a clear mind, gratitude for life, and a feeling of self love that I never thought possible. If you are contemplating signing up my advice would be, just do it, and don’t ask any questions. It’s magic.