A Reclamation Of All That You Are


For The Woman Who Feels Split OffFrom Her Instinctual, Embodied & Creative Self.

The culture has misrepresented and maimed the true essence of the feminine for a very long time, defining her solely in relation to the masculine and by way of patriarchal values; the agreeable wife, the dutiful daughter, the nurturing mother.

The full-bodied range and radiance of women has been compressed into such narrowly defined roles for many hundreds of years that today there exists few images that represent the depths of wisdom and vitality that belong to her.

Medicine Woman is an invitation to the woman on her quest for wholeness, seeking to reclaim her shamed and rejected parts, and to bring them back into being.

This retreat is for women no longer settling for a life split off from her instincts, her pleasure, her inner authority and her all-ness. It is in her active willingness to meet with her shadow, to dissolve her dominant persona-identities that she will reclaim lost modes of consciousness.

She is exhausted from carrying the weight of her masculine shell, she yearns to liberate herself from the confines of the culturally celebrated ‘good girl’ character[s] and to embrace the full range of her embodied, unapologetic expression.

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TBD / Fully Inclusive

  • Flights are not included
  • The cost of airport transfer upon arrival [only] is included, see below for more information


  • A £200 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot
  • Full payment must be complete three weeks prior to the retreat start date
  • Payment plans can be arranged in up to x3 instalments
  • Email [email protected] to book your spot


New venue and locations TBD for 2024


Please book flights arriving at Malaga Airport.


If you are arriving into Malaga Airport there will be a transfer car arranged to collect the group between 14.30 – 15.00.

If you wish to be included in this transfer then your flight must be scheduled to land no later than 14.30. Please provide us with your landing time, airline and flight number 3 weeks prior to the retreat, so we can include you in the transfer booking.

The costs of this airport transfer is covered by Medicine Space.

If you are landing outside of the transfer time, we can help you to arrange a taxi at the best price available.


The retreat officially comes to a close at 11.00am on your scheduled last day. We suggest booking an afternoon or evening flight if possible so that you have the day to integrate your experience.

Just provide us with your flight departure time prior to the retreat, and we will arrange all of your taxi shares for you in advance. The cost of departure transfers is not covered by Medicine Space.




I came here three years ago when I was in a very different place in my life. It was then one of the most powerful things I’ve done to set me on a very beautiful path. I felt to come back again this year and now in a new phase in my life, I didn’t know if I could achieve the same kind of contentment from the teachings. A few days in and I realized I can and I will. Stephanie is one of the greatest gifts to anyone who is in need of guidance. I’m so very grateful that she provides a very safe, trusted space for so many people. There’s very few people who can give such gentle but effective guidance to a group of very individual, individuals. Again Stephanie, thank you for putting me back on my path of great happiness and gratitude. The journey starts here!