Medicine Woman

The Feminine Force is truly alive in this new era with women all over the world partaking in the global awakening and shapeshifting of a new paradigm of Feminine Leadership.

If you are reading this, it’s because you too have felt the calling in your whole being that is initiating women to walk this path of fierce reclamation after thousands of years of patriarchal systems of oppression.

We are at the cornerstone of birthing a new world where there is harmony and integration of both the masculine and the feminine, a delicious sacred union that resides within all of us.

Don’t miss out on this retreat week where we will take a seven-day deep explorative journey into the depths of what it truly means to embody the divine feminine, aka your most radiant, magnetic and unshakable self who claims all parts of her multifaceted and complex being! That includes the soft and sensual, the chaotic and messy, the light and the dark, and her ability to birth new life, as well as destroy that which no longer serves.

This retreat is for you if you are ready to walk through the fire of self-actualisation, self-mastery and self-sovereignty, paving the way for generations of women to come. Join us!

What is happening during this retreat week:

∆    The Divine Feminine: We will explore all facets of the feminine, all layers, textures, shadow and light, so you can work on awakening this energy within you and embody your magnetism and expansion to the fullest.
∆    The Divine Masculine: “The feminine without the masculine is just a watery mess”. We will be exploring our inner divine masculine energy and working towards harmonizing the two in-order to embody an inner sacred union. [For those seeking a conscious relationship, this integration work is an essential component].
∆    Menstrual Magic: We will explore the unique way that women are cyclic, how to utilise this as our greatest power source and work with each phase of our cycle for maximised health, energy and vitality.
∆    Archetypal Work: We will dive deep into evoking and embodying various archetypes as we journey through the week, such as the wild woman, warrior woman, maiden, mother etc.
∆    Dark Goddess Work: We will also work with some of the dark goddess archetypes such as Kali and Lilith to assist us in uncovering and transmuting our shadows.
∆    Sensuality, Pleasure & Creative Life Force Energy: Our sexual energy is our creative life force energy that once unlocked and tapped into, makes a woman an unstoppable force. She just emanates radiance, magnetism and aliveness. There will be a variety of workshops centered around these topics throughout the week.
∆    Embodiment & Somatic Movement: We cannot simply intellectualise this knowledge. The essential component is to embody the work. There will be a variety of embodiment practices weaved into the entire week.
∆    Inner Child Work: Often the barrier preventing us from our expansion is being locked into a false belief {and frequency} derived from childhood. We will work with our inner little girl and heal what’s holding her back from transitioning into womanhood.
∆    Healing The Mother & Father Wound: Our relationship to both the masculine and the feminine is derivative of our learned and inherited experiences with our primary caregivers, forming our habitual patterning and energetic imprint in how we relate to both of these energies and show up in all our relationships.
∆    Initiations, Fire Ritual, Ceremony + Sharing Circles and so much more!


Upcoming Dates

Wednesday 27th July - Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Prices stated are per person, in British pounds.


SHARED ONLY – £1,080
shared room + bathroom of 3-4 persons


X 4 SHARE – £1,300
X3 SHARE – £1,450
SINGLE – £1,550


X2 SHARE – £1,400

What a typical day structure looks like:

  • 8:30am – 10am Embodiment Session
  • 10am – 12.00 – Breakfast
  • 12.00 – 14.30 – Workshop
  • 14.30 – 16.00 – Lunch
  • 16.00 – 18.00 – Workshop
  • 19.30 – 21.00 Dinner

Travel Info

Please book flights arriving at either Malaga Airport, Jerez Airport, or Gibraltar Airport.


If you are arriving into Malaga Airport there will be a transfer car arranged to collect the group between 14.30 – 15.00.

If you are arriving into Gibraltar or Jerez Airports, there will be a transfer car arranged to collect the group between 15.30 – 16.00.

If you wish to be included in a transfer then your flight must be scheduled to land within, or earlier than that time frame. Please provide us with your landing time, airline and flight number so we can include you in the transfer booking.

Your group transfer cost will be split between the group, and we will confirm the exact cost four days prior to the retreat. You must have the cash ready to pay the driver upon arrival. (This is usually no more than 20 euros each).
If you are landing outside of the transfer time, we can help you to arrange a taxi at the best price available.


The retreat officially comes to a close at 11.00am on your scheduled last day. We suggest booking an afternoon or evening flight if possible so that you have the day to integrate your experience.

Just provide us with your flight departure time prior to the retreat, and we will arrange all of your taxi shares for you in advance.


Claim Your Spot

Wednesday 27th July - Tuesday 2nd August 2022

If you have any questions regarding the retreat you can email us directly, at [email protected]

Laura, 30.

This retreat was mind-blowing. Everything was so educational and thought-provoking, and it left you feeling stunned or mystified that it could be so simple yet so earth-shaking. It’s quite clear that both Steph and Rebecca have done a lot of work/healing on themselves that they became instant role models for me. A highlight was the second night of shaking it off/ dancing with eyes closed because I felt myself just give into the practice (which I may not have fully done the first night) and it just felt so magical and special to hear everyone’s shouting and howling all around me. I felt like I was part of something big and special and I felt safe in our wild woman pack.