A Reclamation Of All That You Are


For The Woman Who Feels Split Off
From Her Instinctual, Embodied & Creative Self.

The culture has misrepresented and maimed the true essence of the feminine for a very long time, defining her solely in relation to the masculine and by way of patriarchal values; the agreeable wife, the dutiful daughter, the nurturing mother.

The full-bodied range and radiance of women has been compressed into such narrowly defined roles for many hundreds of years that today there exists few images that represent the depths of wisdom and vitality that belong to her.

The Medicine Woman five day immersion is an invitation to the woman on her quest for wholeness and integration, seeking to reclaim her shamed and rejected parts, and to bring them back into being.

She is exhausted from carrying the weight of her masculine shell, she yearns to liberate herself from the confines of the culturally celebrated agreeable ‘good girl’ character[s] and to reclaim the full range of her embodied expression and wildish nature.

This retreat is for women no longer settling for a life split off from her instincts, her pleasure and her inner-authority. It is in her active willingness to meet with her unconscious aspects, to dissolve her dominant persona-identities that she will retrieve these exiled parts and embrace her fullest and most natural expression of Self.

We will be off-grid for a deep nature immersion in connection and ceremony with the land and ourselves to access our deep listening states and restoration of the feminine principle, to retrieve what has been collectively banished through the generations. A journey that holds unquestionable potency when experienced at the embodied cellular level – a work that is not for the faint of heart.

Our only prerequisite is that participants arrive with a sense of curiosity to dive into the full mystery of the parts of themselves they are willing to let die in order to be reborn on the other side of this initiation. 

Join us, if you feel so called.