Our facilitation approach is committed to the nurturance and revivification of psychological, emotional, sexual and spiritual literacy and agency for women.

Through the dismantling of conventional hierarchical teacher-student models, we focus instead on supporting participants to re-establish their own inner-teacher and to become their own authority. We believe this is how we genuinely access pathways to the liberated Self.

Our core principles of facilitation are:

Cultivating Safety
Client Willingness
Shadow Work Integration
Critical Consciousness
Experiential Knowledge

Stephanie is passionately and purposefully driven by a desire for radical social change in the form of individually and collectively re-writing a new paradigm that is rooted in love as opposed to fear. She believes a pathway to doing so, is in healing our inner world through cultivating self-mastery in order to evolve into our own self-healer.

Such work takes courage and commitment. She is no advocate for spiritual bypassing, nor guru culture, which she feels only enhances an epidemic of dis-empowered bodies. Rather, it is her sole intention that you walk away from an experience at The Medicine Space feeling better equipped to navigate life on your own terms through having cultivated a deeper sense of trust to your inner voice, your body wisdom, and your innate capacity to heal yourself.

For a decade Stephanie has been committed to a personal path of self-evolution that is grounded and rooted in the primordial felt sense. One that intimately intertwines ancient rituals, psychology, somatic movement therapy and various other methods that re-wire the neurological pathways in such potent ways that she is continuously re-learning the depths of herself on this exquisite journey of self-enquiry and self-mastery.

With years of study under master teachers she has learned how to alchemize her pain and make it her art. To dance with her shadow and stay in connection to the light.

Those whom she has studied under have taught her the textures of fierce love and radical self-acceptance as the most powerful ingredients for returning to wholeness. They have also gifted her with teachings in the art of creating, and skillfully facilitating a safe container in which to guide others on their own journey of self-expansion and healing.

It is her sweetest honor to be of service to those on their path to remembering their true divinity, to reclaim the soil of their body, and ultimately their unique power.

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Stephanie’s work is a marrying together of her academic research in pedagogy, critical consciousness and the impact education systems and media have on impeding our capacities to read the world with a true sense of agency. These formative years as an undergraduate and postgraduate during her early twenties shaped the foundation for her work with Medicine Space. She felt compelled and deeply moved to create a solution to the ways in which systems and structures of society diminish and dampen the human spirit and cause us to become spiritually sick –  this led to the birth of a space for embodied research to retrieve what has been forced into exile by a culture that devalues the infinite mystery, the essence of what keeps us alive, the feminine principle. She has been leading these retreat initiations since 2016 having now journeyed with hundreds of women. The work evolves alongside her, becoming deeper and richer in knowledge and experience. As a devoted student, her educational pursuits have continued over the last decade in the realms of non-dual tantra, somatic trauma therapy, depth psychology, clinical psychology, sexuality studies, dance therapy, archetypal studies and more.

I really didn’t know what I was getting myself in for but it was truly life changing. I feel like a new person; I’ve found such calmness and peace within me. Thank you for holding the space for us and pushing me to get to this clear state of mind. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by beautiful empowered women.