The Retreat Laboratory

Medicine Space acts as a laboratory for women to self-inquire and investigate their inner landscape in order to awaken and retrieve lost modes of consciousness.

A space that provides a source of nourishment and healing to tend to the inner reservoir of unprocessed emotions, to call back what’s been pushed to the shadows and is causing sickness in psyche and soma. It is a transformative container, an incubator, that holds women with tenderness and safety to reclaim their right to express their unspoken rage, grief and sorrow as they walk through the fire of transmutation and rebirth.

It is a space that is dedicated to reviving and restoring the embodied feminine principle.


Our Signature 7 Day Process / 21st - 27th September 2024

This is our foundational integrative trauma healing initiation that investigates aspects of the psyche still largely occupied by the archetypal inner child. During this seven day process, participants are facilitated through the essential rite of passage to undergo the death and resurrection of outdated persona-identities in order to arrive at renewed and more mature and healthy psychological patterns.

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The full-bodied range and radiance of woman has been compressed into such narrowly defined roles for many hundreds of years that today there exists few images that represent the depths of wisdom and vitality that belong to her. Medicine Woman is an investigative and integrative journey into these lost and dismembered aspects of Self, through creative somatic explorations with archetypes, myth, voice, and shadow.

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At the cellular level we carry our ancestors in our embodied memory and so it is in the returning to our bodies that we unlock pathways of liberation and healing. In surrendering to the dance, the mind goes quiet, opening dialogue with the unconscious and giving space for the primordial and instinctual Self to emerge.

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In a nutshell, for the whole of 2015 I was battling with ‘IBS’ and a massive lack of energy, which after a while I accepted had nothing to do with food or a medical problem, but I had no idea how to deal with it. Despite being gluten, dairy, sugar free, vegan, keeping fit, thinking I was sleeping enough (I wasn’t), thinking I was rested enough (I wasn’t), thinking I was calm enough (I wasn’t), thinking I was listening to my intuition (I wasn’t) I just couldn’t get to the root cause to heal my diva insides. Three weeks back from The Medicine Process and I’m near enough, mostly, pretty much symptom free. So I can only put this down to finally finding a way to shift the stuck energy that was causing the issues, letting go of things, breaking down blocks, realigning my wonky chakras and finally learning how to physically and mentally chill the eff out and BREATHE.