A Remembering


In Medicine Dance we explore pathways of liberation through the body as we access ancient, ancestral memories stored in our cells. This remembrance unfolds as we detach from the judgements of the mind, and open dialogue with our unconscious shadow.

In surrendering to our innate body-wisdom, our thinker becomes quiet, allowing the primordial and instinctual Self to emerge. Through this experiential process and communing with the voice of our deep Self, a journey, ineffable and unique to each dancer, occurs.

Participant may encounter that they are no longer dancing their body, but rather ‘the body is dancing you’. Inhibitions become lost, lifetimes of stagnation, trauma, darkness is sounded, felt, expressed, transmuted, in an almost effortless pathway of surrender.

A catharsis like no other.

Each Medicine Dance lab welcomes a different aspect of you that calls for healing. No experience can ever be the same as every investigative journey through the felt sense takes a uniquely non-linear pattern.

Medicine Dance is an on-going process. There is no destination point but simply an endless inquiry into the depths of your own Psyche.

We welcome you on this exquisite journey through the body, where conversations with the Divine are guaranteed.

Our only prerequisite is that participants arrive with a sense of curiosity to dive into the full mystery of the parts of themselves they are willing to let die in order to be reborn on the other side of this initiation. 

Join us, if you feel so called.