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In the contents of the Shadow, can be found our most authentic Self.  

The Shadow: the aspect of the psyche that is commonly feared and misunderstood, when in fact it is the space within us that holds fertile soil for our healing and growth.

When we reject the shadow, we deny ourselves the right to know our fullest potential, for what dwells in the darkness is a whole hidden treasure tray that contains unlived life and a vast reservoir of psychic energy.

We push to the shadows, aspects of ourselves that we shame, disown and cannot accept. Taking refuge in the underworld of our psyche, these shadow contents later reveal themselves through unconscious projections onto the other.

They can be discovered through our irritations, triggers, judgements, envy and disgust towards another. This is our unconscious communicating with us, asking us to pay attention. Like messengers, that are whispering for us to listen deeply to the parts of ourselves we have exiled. They are shining a light on our lost parts.

This is the voice of the deep Self that is calling us into wholeness, integration and individuation.

Shadow work is light work – the two cannot exist without the other. This work is often the missing component to the inner alchemy that people are seeking. During this process we shine a light into the darkest places, bringing these shamed and rejected aspects back into consciousness.

The Shadow Work Process is a signature feature to our work during retreat – the online self-paced course allows those who have not yet been able to attend or experience this process in person to get a taste of the transformational potential of what this work has to offer.