This retreat was life changing. I realized so much during the workshops, and learnt so much about myself. Most of which I´m still doing back home. Such wise and beautiful women. I want more, to learn more, to just sit in their company and soak up all that they radiate. Such goddesses. I kept saying before leaving that I wished I had a pocket sized Steph and Rebecca that I could carry with me, and I feel like I got my wish. Things they´ve said will pop up in my mind at the perfect time since coming home. I feel different from meeting them. Like seeing them be so true to themselves, made me be true to me. I feel changed, and like I´m who I´ve been deep down all along at the same time. I hope to learn more from these women. I could go on, but there really aren´t words. Except: thank you, thank you, thank you!