The Medicine Process has fundamentally altered my perception of the world and myself. During the retreat I tapped into an energy I don’t fully understand and thankfully it has followed me home. Since returning, I have experienced pure, spontaneous gratitude and peace. I have felt more at home in myself than I ever could have envisioned. Not constantly, but reliably. When life throws me out of my comfort zone, I am now able to find my centre again. I have a new perspective on self-judgement, I see my flaws as challenges rather than cages. I feel empowered, curious & content. I am choosing to leave more white space in my life, yet somehow it feels fuller. I am beginning to love the silence.
I can’t thank Steph enough for triggering such desperately needed changes in me. I know I still have so much to learn and experience but I am no longer afraid of being alive, of facing life’s beautiful challenges.