It is no exaggeration to say that meeting Steph and all the other beautiful souls at The Medicine Process has been a pivotal moment in my life.
It was, however, a moment that could so easily not have happened and for that reason I want to directly address any men who might find their way to reading this:
S’up, my dude….
It may be the case that you are held back by fear and discomforts inherited from what society deems to be masculine. I like to think this is less common than it once was but it is still a conditioning that runs deep and creates more resistance than we give it credit for.
It may be the case that you are held back by some sort of second-hand patriarchal guilt. You may feel like this is a female space and that you are not welcome. It may be the case that the issue of gender hasn’t once crossed your mind, yet you still find yourself scared to look inward and embrace your most authentic self. Whatever your resistance might be, I want you to know something.

This IS your space. It is a space that belongs to ALL of us. If you come into it with an open heart and an open mind you will feel a nourishment like nothing you have ever known before. Feel the call and answer.