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~  Welcome, and thank you for arriving here  ~

I’m excited to embark on our journey together in the sacredness of this 1-1 container. But first, let’s begin by answering this very important question:
Is your greatest fear living your unfulfilled potential?
If you answered yes, you’re not alone, keep reading… 

The most commonly recorded regret of people facing their death is that of not having lived out their greatest dreams and fullest potential. An absolute tragedy. This mentorship is all about changing that, and guiding you through an inner process to reprogram your subconscious that is keeping you locked into fear and consequently preventing you from truly living.

Know this: You are not here by accident. Your soul chose to be here at this specific time in history for a divine reason. Your contribution, however big or small, matters. The world is literally shaped by your active or passive participation in it.

At The Medicine Space we believe that our creativity is spirit moving through us, therefore making our creations a divine act that are meant to be shared. We also believe that each person has a unique soul contract, purpose and mission during their time here on Earth, that once tapped into is increasingly nourishing, enlivening and revitalizing for the human spirit.

Unfortunately due to our societal conditioning and personal traumas we learn to abandon our true self and true calling in exchange for living in fear, guilt, and commonly, to please others. These learned behaviours are often adopted in childhood from our family dynamics as well as in the school classroom. Commonly in situations where we may have felt our needs being unmet, which caused us to create strategies for coping in order to feel loved, seen and validated.

The consequences of wearing this armour into our adult life, is that we suffer a deep disconnect to our authentic self which leads us to live an inauthentic life.  Eventually this wreaks havoc on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being causing dis-ease and dis-equilibrium in our system, and it is not unusual that it results in a serious health crisis that becomes the catalyst for our embarking on the journey home to our most liberated selves.

This mentorship program is about aligning you to the unequivocal truth of who you are and to feel safe to take up space and lead your life from this energy, so that that you are no longer merely surviving, coasting, dissatisfied, and disconnected to the magic of your very existence, but instead turned on by life, inspired, creative, driven, purposeful.

What you can expect from this 8 week container ~

This mentorship program will offer you the opportunity to dismantle the subconscious realms that are hoarding old belief systems preventing you from growing into your most aligned, activated and sovereign self.

We will work through the root cause of what is keeping you stuck in the safe, small and stagnant energetics, disconnected and out of alignment.

The goal is to move towards clarity, vision, confidence, worthiness, and an unshakable faith in your path and purpose, a genuine quality of self knowing and capacity to be seen and loved for who you truly are.

This requires your willingness and commitment over the eight weeks to show up and go all in as we dive deep into your inner landscape to uncover the shadow realms and alchemise your pain into purpose. This work will rewrite your subconscious programming and cultivate an entirely new blueprint in your energetics, gifting you the capacity to embody a whole new way of showing up in the world.

What’s Included:

  • X 8 Modules & Workbooks [1 per week]
  • X 8 Ninety Minute 1-1 Coaching Calls via zoom [1 per week]
  • Embodiment practices to do at home in-between sessions
  • Unlimited support with Stephanie during the 8 weeks via messenger [telegram]

Topics Included:

  • Cultural + Family Programming
  • Rewiring the Subconscious Patterning
  • Alchemising Your Triggers into Expansion
  • Transcending Perfectionism, People Pleasing & Procrastination
  • Growing Beyond The Good Girl Archetype
  • Meeting Your Inner Child
  • Comparison Traps And Imposter Syndrome
  • Integrating Your Healthy Masculine [Clarity, Boundaries, Discipline, Consciousness etc]
  • Integrating Your Healthy Feminine [Creativity, Intuition, Radiance, Flow, Magnetism etc]
  • Rewiring Your Money Consciousness + Stepping Into Abundance
  • Clarity, Alignment, Purpose + Service
  • Activating and Embodying The Woman You Are Walking Towards
  • These topics plus more, are structured into the 8 week mentorship, and often Stephanie will adjust the process where she feels necessary in order for you to get maximum benefits from the program.


Start Date: 12th January 2022
Completion: 2nd March 2022


Early Bird Offer ~ £888
Offer ends December 12th 2021

Full Price Thereafter ~ £1,111
Doors Close December 20th 2022

If you are ready to dive into this mentorship program email us to receive your application and booking form on ~ [email protected]

If you are unsure but want to know more you can book a FREE 30 minute introductory call with Stephanie by emailing her directly on ~ [email protected]

Jas, 35.

I came here three years ago when I was in a very different place in my life. It was then one of the most powerful things I’ve done to set me on a very beautiful path. I felt to come back again this year and now in a new phase in my life, I didn’t know if I could achieve the same kind of contentment from the teachings. A few days in and I realized I can and I will. Stephanie is one of the greatest gifts to anyone who is in need of guidance. I’m so very grateful that she provides a very safe, trusted space for so many people. There’s very few people who can give such gentle but effective guidance to a group of very individual, individuals. Again Stephanie, thank you for putting me back on my path of great happiness and gratitude. The journey starts here!