Authentic Code // Mentorship Program

For The Woman Ready To ~
Reclaim Self-Authority
Own Her Mind & Set Herself Free

Liberate yourself from sexual shame, people pleasing, self-censoring and perfectionism. Learn to embody your all-ness, to integrate your shadow self and to say how you really feel.

This mentorship is for the woman ready to stand sovereign, to reclaim her authentic voice in a culture that operates to silence and diminish feminine power, to activate her creative fire, untamed expression, intuitive sensing and body-based knowing.

Together we will unravel layers of societal conditioning and shame based beliefs indoctrinated by media-mind-spell, group think, ideological discourse and family patterning that has infiltrated the subconscious programs by which we operate.

Our time together will be spent dismantling false beliefs whilst activating and awakening the less orderly and domesticated aspects of self that have been laying dormant for many years due to patriarchal systems, structures and programming that teach a woman to walk about this earth in a hypnotic, hyper-masculinsed manner afraid and devoid of her power.

We will untie this cultural wounding and de-layer the hardened parts, creating space for the true essence of radiance, magnetism and wildish spirit to move through.

We are removing and healing the armour, aka – the false identities accumulated since childhood that served to keep you safe whilst lovingly moving in the direction of returning and at the same time re-writing your authentic code so you can lead your life unafraid to be yourself, fully activated, vitalised and on purpose.


Ways we can work together in the Mentoring container ~

Full x8 Week Process:

Includes –

  • x8 ninety minute zoom sessions.
  • Workbooks catered to your unique process to accompany the sessions and dive even deeper.
  • Telegram chat with unlimited support during the 8 weeks.
  • Embodied practices, rituals and ceremonies to do in your own time.

Investment £2,222

*Application Only
*50% deposit required upfront
*Sessions to be used within a 4 month period

Don’t feel ready to commit to the full process?

Individual Sessions // £150

  • 90 minute zoom call
  • No application required, book on an ad-hoc basis when you need guidance
    *full payment required upfront

2, 3 or 4 Sessions // £125 each

  • 90 minute zoom call per sessions
  • Workbooks included upon request

*Sessions valid for 2 months
*50% payment required upfront

Jas, 35.

I came here three years ago when I was in a very different place in my life. It was then one of the most powerful things I’ve done to set me on a very beautiful path. I felt to come back again this year and now in a new phase in my life, I didn’t know if I could achieve the same kind of contentment from the teachings. A few days in and I realized I can and I will. Stephanie is one of the greatest gifts to anyone who is in need of guidance. I’m so very grateful that she provides a very safe, trusted space for so many people. There’s very few people who can give such gentle but effective guidance to a group of very individual, individuals. Again Stephanie, thank you for putting me back on my path of great happiness and gratitude. The journey starts here!